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How to Create a Single Crochet Stitch

What is Single Crochet?

Single crochet is one of the most used stitches in crochet. It is used in the majority of crochet patterns and is the staple stitch for Amigurumi. Luckily, this is also one of the easiest stitches to learn! Once you have mastered this stitch, all other stitches can easily be learned since they are essentially just variations of this stitch. This is why it is crucial to learn how to single crochet and master this basic stitch. 

Single crochet is often abbreviated as “sc” in crochet patterns. This is the US term for this stitch, with the British crochet patterns referring to is as double crochet. 

What You’ll Need

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1 crochet hook – these aluminum ones are beginner friendly. 

1 Skein of yarn – Acrylic worsted weight yarn is the best option for beginner crocheters. 

Note:  I recommended using a medium weight yarn (DK or worsted) and either a 5.0mm or 5.5mm crochet hook if you are just starting out learning how to crochet. 

How to Single Crochet

  1. Create Your Foundation Chain

    Chain 11 (tutorial for how to create a chain can be found here).
    This is your foundation and consists of 10+1 chains. 
    Anytime you are using a single crochet you want to create your starting chain and then add 1 to account for the height of the stitch. If you are following a pattern then the pattern will have this number already accounted for in your chain (for instance the chain 11 mentioned above). 

    foundation chain for single crochet

  2. Insert Your Crochet Hook

    Insert your hook into the second chain from the crochet hook, making sure that you slide the hook under both loops on the top of the chain. Unless your pattern says otherwise, always go through both loops. 

    insert hook single crochet

  3. Yarn Over and Grab the Yarn

    Now with your crochet hook in place under both loops, with the hand that has the yarn, wrap yarn around the hook. Make sure you are bringing the yarn from the back to the front. Then use the hook to “grab” the yarn, this is called a Yarn Over

    yarn over single crochet

  4. Pull Up the Loop

    Once you have your yarn hooked, pull it back through the two loops. This will leave two loops on the neck of your hook. 

    pull up loop single crochet

  5. Yarn Over Again

    With both loops on your hook, wrap the yarn back to front again, and hook the yarn. 

    yarn over again single crochet

  6. Pull the Yarn Through Both Loops

    Pull the yarn through both loops on your crochet hook. This will leave only one loop remaining on your hook and complete the single crochet.

    completed single crochet

You can now start your next single crochet with this remaining loop. Start over with step number 2, and continue for the remainder of your chain. Once you reach the end of your chain you should have created a total of 10 single crochet. 

Completed Single Crochet

Once you get to the end of row 1 you can begin working on row 2. You start the next row by chaining 1 (remember we do this in order to create the “height” of the first stitch”) and turning your work. You will now be working in the “back” part of your project. Continue to single crochet across this row until you reach the end. 


For those who are visual learners, here is a popular video tutorial showing you how to single crochet. 

You can continue to add rows in order to practice this stitch or you can use my simple Single Crochet Dishcloth pattern found here to create your first project! 

Finished dishcloth

The next stitch you will be learning is the double crochet. This builds upon what you already know about creating single stitches. You can find the tutorial for double crochet <here>. 

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